There is still time to get my vote in the Dem column on the Presidential line

There is still time to get my vote in the Dem column on the Presidential line – all he has to do is tell the GOP to pound sand on the debt limit – declare it unconstitutional – and say he will never touch Social Security, Medicare, or Medicare except in the logical – and not mean spirited – approach of Medicare for all with the Maryland price fixing board waiver for all, and a Social Security with no caps for both wages and benefits (and I am OK with a higher retirement age as long as it reflects ONLY the effect of increased lifespan from lower mortality rates in the retired population)

But I am not holding my breathe and stamping my feet – I am pretty sure that the “they made me do it” speech is being written even as I post.

Sadly the right is doing this worldwide – they are playing the non-rich against one another in Greece – frightening the professionals into demanding that no change be made in the games now used to keep new university grads out of those professions (like law and engineering), frightening business owners into demanding no change in the bureaucracy that prevents one from starting businesses in Greece, reducing “competition”, but really just so the rich and corporate gain market share (albeit in a shrinking market because of the austerity measures), and stopping the downsizing and reinventing of the public sector so those jobs go to those with the best qualifications, not the best political connections, telling folks that the change would mean their kids could not get jobs based on merit in either the public or private sectors.  The rich and corporate want a poorly functioning government that does not have time or resources to regulate them.  And Greece is Exhibit One – Greece should look to Iceland that just said “No” – just as Obama should look to Iceland to see what a backbone looks like.

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