How Fox Propaganda Works: Anatomy Of A False Headline, Manufactured Story

On Hannity’s TV show today, guest host Monica Crowley trumpeted the headline “Obama Administration Recognizes Egypt’s Dangerous Muslim Brotherhood“. Sounds bad, but let’s see how Fox got there. First they quote an administration official: “It is in our interests to engage with all of the parties that are competing for parliament or the presidency”. Fox then digs out a 1991 statement by the Muslim Brotherhood which includes a translated message of “jihad” which some sites actually translate as “cultural jihad” or non-violent.

Since the Muslim Brotherhood pledged non-violence generations ago, there have been splinter groups resulting in separate factions, some linked to terror and violent acts. Fox has chosen to broadbrush the entirety of the organization under the extremist umbrella, ignoring the other factions as window dressing. Defenders of the Muslim Brotherhood say a few rogues sully the good name of the movement which is a minority percentage of Egypt’s population and not so influential politically.

Next, Karl Rove is brought in to comment, the same guy who orchestrated dozens of alleged crimes during the Bush era and won’t go out of the protective Fox softball bubble. Rove seems to make claims that Obama is weak in foreign policy matters, but Rove and Crowley bury under the rug that Ronald Reagan and Don Rumsfeld were directly aiding much worse terrorists and regimes in funding and supporting Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. Until these charges are rebutted, I’m don’t see how anyone can trust Fox or Rove as they use a desperately strained brand of guilt-by-association against Obama.

For voters looking for real news, try to find sources that provide original reporting from Egypt. Is the Muslim Brotherhood espousing violent rhetoric today or not? Is Egypt arming and training for assaults on American interests, Israel or the West? Let’s find out for real, but let’s not use Fox or Hannity’s pals as a source because they were completely wrong on Iraq and have never owned a drop of their misinformation. Salon lays out what the Muslim Brotherhood is saying and doing in Egypt today, answering questions about their radicalism as they have repeatedly repudiated violence.

Secretary of State Clinton has assured the American people that the MB has renounced violence and is likely leveraging America’s might (and aid) to proactively lay down demands to ensure extremists do not get a foothold into Egypt’s political strata. This is similar to General Petraeus’ backing talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan or his original idea to not only negotiate with our enemy, but give them taxpayer money in Iraq’s successful Anbar Awakening.

Ignoring recent history and successful counterterrorism tactics, Fox would take one outlier statement from 1991 and refuse to negotiate with the MB so they grow in power? Apparently only when second guessing a Democrat is in office. Other times, Reagan and Bush escorted the Taliban and Mujahadeen right into the Oval Office, which did not work out for the American people or troops they would later kill.

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