It may not be the economy.  It may not be jobs. It may not even be the broken ideology of Milton Friedman.

Ties that bind – iflizwerequeen

The Biggest Issue of 2012 and deciding factor in many races could very well be the Stock Ownership and wealth of the Candidates.

In 2012 candidates could be faced with the demand to produce a list of the stocks that they own along with how much money they have invested in those stocks. Yes, candidates have been required to file financials, but until now most Americans never paid too much attention to them.  However, today Americans are fed up with the rich plutocrats in Congress and are beginning to get the connections between the wealth of an elected official and how they vote.  The fact that we have 261 millionaires in Congress when millionaires comprise 1% of our national population is absurd and certainly not representative of the majority. Furthermore, party does not play a significant role here as wealthy Democrats and wealthy Republicans are fairly equally represented in Congress.

Americans are finally seeing how certain legislation obviously benefits Wall Street to the detriment of Main Street. Furthermore, Americans are finally beginning to understand that Wall Street’s prosperity is disconnected from that of the majority of Americans. For years Americans bought the corporate sponsored mainstream media myth that “what is good for Wall Street is good for Main Street.”  Those  times, if indeed they ever did exist, were demolished with the watershed of globalization, unfair trade agreements and the deregulation of the financial industry–all of which happened under the leadership of Bill Clinton.  Clinton and his Wall Street patsies plowed the field and planted the seeds for the rich that George Bush then harvested for the rich during his eight year reign.

Democrats love to crow about the “fiscal responsibility” of Bill Clinton–how he turned over a budget surplus to George Bush.  But Bush, predictably, in turn, with his tax cuts for the wealthiest in this nation, turned that surplus into a deficit in his first year in office. Clinton knew exactly what Bush would do and he didn’t give a damn.

What Bill Clinton did NOT do was to turn this surplus over to the American people in the form of badly needed jobs to repair our infrastructure for example. Instead, Bill Clinton handed the money over to the Republicans in the typical two party good cop/bad cop game.  As many rich Democrats as Republicans profited from Clinton’s handover.

More Americans today understand the Wall Street con games that are played against the majority than we understood even in 2008. We have seen too many Americans fired and profit making firms shut down and assets sold off to not understand the Wall Street model to serve the bottom line and rich investors first.

Wall street is not about products, consumers or services.  If Wall Street corporations can even be said to sell a product, that product is the quarterly dividend that it pays to its Wealthy investors.  Wall Street does not appear to care very much regarding what they have to do deliver the bottom line and that includes murder.  In fact we have more than one example of what appears to be Wall Street corporations getting away with murder–even cases that included checks signed by CEO’s to pay off thugs hired to murder unionists.

These people don’t give a damn about you or me–nor do 261 of their millionaire stock monkeys that we have been dumb and dumber enough to elect to Congress.

Liz Berry

Liz Berry