The Snorkeling unto Death

My belief is that any Revolution which proceeds without a concomitant human enlightenment is doomed to failure.

We need all be Buddhas.

Without elimination of the base human nature, nothing so good as a workers revolution can sustain for more than a generation or two, if that long, before the same old human perversion sinks it.

This is so plainly obvious that it makes my heart bleed in sympathy for the poverty stricken, who are all of us, when you take more than a tally of personal assets into consideration.

Having been completely broke in my life alone in a strange land without any prospects, and then becoming wealthy beyond my dreams and now back to where I started, has taught me much about the inconsequentialty of materialism.

Perception is truly all that matters. How we square what occurs beyond the end of our nose with what exists behind our eyes, where the real Revolution can only begin to take place, by necessity, if we have the courage, one animated bone bag at a time.

And yet, I am born of fight, to struggle and strive, even knowing that my effort ultimately is doomed to cease in failure, because I, like everyone, lack the substance of God. And being less than the Gods we have created we will fight vainly with each other, and with oursleves, for the trifling gain or the tragic loss, because that is what we do.

We cannot savour peace when it is denied to even one of our brothers and sisters.

Maybe our grandchildren will discover the key to adapt and find their place in the unrelievable human condition of the coming age.

It always humours an old man to fervently believe in the delusion of the goodness inside children.

But all this chatter serves no purpose, for blogging is just the aimless snorkeling of a lazy, spoiled, too pampered group of vacationers who will never reach the shore, unless the tides happen to dump our fat carcasses out incidentally  onto the beach.

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