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The News from South of Lake Wobegon

John Gilmore's arraignment listing

It’s been a busy week in Lake Wobegon and the rest of the Upper Midwest. Here’s some of what happened:

— Michele Bachmann was the subject of a Matt Taibbi piece in Rolling Stone that was not up to his best standards. In fact, as writers like Abe Sauer and Karl Bremer were quick to notice, it borrowed heavily, without attribution (and at times almost verbatim) from local writings such as “The Chosen One”, the seminal 2006 City Pages piece by G.R. Anderson. This is probably why there was very little new information in the piece. (Ironically enough, Anderson had tried for years without success to get Rolling Stone interested in his writings on Bachmann. Go figure.)

— Speaking of Bachmann, it’s beyond me how Taibbi managed to do a profile on her and all but totally miss covering the big fat rumor magnet known as her husband, Dr. Marcus Bachmann. Go here for a little taste of why, buzz notwithstanding, there won’t be a President Bachmann in our future.

— Yeah, the Republicans running our state legislature won’t budge on tax increases for the upper 2%, so there’s a state shutdown going on. The GOP leadership, taking their cues from (morally, at any rate) bankrupt failed taco baron Tony Sutton, are publicly all defiance and bluster, but behind the scenes there are already cracks in the GOP’s front. One Republican freshman legislator, Mike LeMieur of Little Falls, had this to say: “I personally think the Republicans will probably be more damaged than the governor. The fact is that we’re all up for re-election again next year, and he’s not up for three years.” Left unspoken by the local legacy media, but picked up by sharp-eyed new journalists Sally Jo Sorensen and Andy Birkey, was how the Republican fixation on social issues such as abortion helped derail the budget talks. More on this — and of Governor Mark Dayton’s principled and smart stand — in my 6:45 Pacific post tomorrow morning. (By the way: If you’ve got a Twitter account, pass this on. Thanks.)

— Finally, it was John Gilmore’s arraignment day in court today. (See above screen shot.) He’s the powerful local Republican operative and blogger who got nailed for harassing a pair of Muslim women and their pedicabbie friend outside of Netroots Nation 2011 two weeks ago yesterday.

And that’s the news from just south of Lake Wobegon. What’s new in your neck of the woods?

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