These private, for profit, home health care “providers” (read profiteers) are bankrupting Minnesota like other states. State legislators are guaranteeing these parasites fantastic profits. One need only look at outfits like Provide Care, Inc.— they mistreat both “clients” and workers. Why haven’t legislators put the facts out about this home health care industry?
Then we have a multi-billion dollar casino industry going tax-free. Put up toll-booths to the casinos not at state parks.

Liberal Minnesota Democratic Farmer-Labor Party Governor Mark Dayton has finally mentioned the magic number that I raised with Time Pawlenty years ago: 8,000.
Minnesota has 8,000 millionaires with many of these, like Dayton himself, billionaires. Do the math. If each one of these millionaires/billionaires was taxed really progressively they could pay off the state’s debt. Yes; tax the hell out of the rich.

The taconite tax should be increased 300% and large stumpage fees should be assessed on the forestry industry.
But, the primary source of the state’s budget problems is Obama’s wars. These wars are robbing us of trillions of dollars; combined with the continued militarization of our country with over 800 military bases circling the globe not to mention the U.S. Navy with a huge presence in every ocean and this mobile military unit costing billions now fighting as they have been for over 100 years against the Filipinos.
Let’s open the books fully for public observation to find out just how wealthy these 8,000 millionaire/billionaires are. Chances are good each of them could easily afford a one-time tax of $500,000.00— call it a “fiscally responsible tax on the rich;” after all, where did these wealthy people obtain this wealth from? From the working people they exploit. At $500,000.00 they would be getting off easy since we aren’t even looking at their historic robbery which for many of these wealthy people has been going on for over 100 years— like the Dayton-Hudson Company. And then we have the Pillsbury’s and the like.
When will the Minnesota shutdown end? As soon as state workers are bullied and badgered to take huge cuts in pay, benefits and job loss. The contract for state employees expired June 30; the politicians shut down the government on July 1. Coincidental? No chance. State workers are going to be forced to pay for what millionaires/billionaires should be paying for.
Alan Maki

Alan Maki