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As of today, minor possession of marijuana in the state of Connecticut has been decriminalized. Yesterday Governor Dannel P. Malloy signed into law SB 1014, which went in effect today. The new law reduces the penalty for possession of less than half an ounce of marijuana from a criminal misdemeanor to only a non-criminal infraction.

Starting today, getting caught with a small amount of marijuana in Connecticut will result only in a $150 fine for first offenses, a fine ranging between $200-$500 for subsequent violations, and drug education after a third offense.

According to the state’s Office of Fiscal Analysis the law should save the state roughly $885,000 a year and generate just over $600,000 in new revenue for the state’s general fund.

This piece of marijuana reform wouldn’t have passed without the direct advocacy of Gov. Malloy. The law only barely cleared the State Senate with Malloy’s Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman forced to cast the tie breaking vote in favor of the legislation.

Jon Walker

Jon Walker

Jonathan Walker grew up in New Jersey. He graduated from Wesleyan University in 2006. He is an expert on politics, health care and drug policy. He is also the author of After Legalization and Cobalt Slave, and a Futurist writer at http://pendinghorizon.com