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Okay Firedogs, by now you have probably noticed a few glitches that we’ve been having here at MyFDL. The first question is probably going to be “Why didn’t you write this post sooner, Bill?”

Well, it was that I had hoped that it would be a little problem and quickly solved. Unfortunately it turned out not to be the case. As you might know we moved to new servers last weekend. As these things go it was really smooth. However there is never a major database move without some hiccups, which is what we are working through.

Right now we believe that there is something wonky in the way that the links are attaching to articles. This is why when you click a post it sometimes gives you a different post. The problem is that it is pretty random as to when it happens and who is affected.

Until we can run down what is making this glitch happen, it is going to continue. We know how annoying this must be (trust me I am annoyed) but please bear with us, as we go on a bug hunt.

We would like to ask your assistance in squashing this particular bug; do you think you can help us out Firedogs? If you notice one of these glitches, can you please e-mail me with the following info:

Your browser
Your operating system
Where you clicked on the link
The URL of the page it took you to
The time it happened
The name of the article you are trying to access

My e-mail address is So, just shoot me a line and I’ll pass it on the tech wizards. Hopefully this will give us enough information to run this thing down and squash it.

Once again, thanks for your patience and help in this matter, think of it as a community building exercise (or not)



We have an update based on information you all have sent in!

This is from Jason our Tech Wizard

If it’s browser-related it may also be an issue with a particular plugin. Might have people try starting their browser in safe mode (mode with a clean profile & no plugins — most modern browsers have this) & see if they get the same issues. Here’s instructions on how to do it in FF, for instance:

And Chrome:

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