David Prosser, the Wisconsin Strangler, has issues:

Wisconsin state Supreme Court Justice David Prosser, who has been publicly accused of putting Justice Ann Walsh Bradley in a chokehold, had another flare-up on Thursday — this time with a reporter.

The local Fox affiliate in Milwaukee sent reporter Mike Lowe to the state Capitol in Madison, seeking to track down the members of the Supreme Court, including Prosser, and repeatedly ask them for comment.

In all, Lowe caught up with four out of the seven Justices. Of course, the Justices predictably declined to comment on a matter that is under a pending investigation — especially a story that is embarrassing the court.

But when Prosser met up with Lowe, he quickly grabbed the microphone out of Lowe’s hand before just as quickly handed it right back to the surprised reporter — apparently realizing that was a really bad idea in front of a video camera

I think Prosser needs to retire, maybe spend his golden years choking those damn kids who won’t stay off of his lawn….



Yeah. Like I would tell you....