– Be intolerant, do not show any respect for others.
New ideas are a threat, they threaten YOUR POV.
Don’t listen with an open mind, shoot them (and the person) down quickly, show them that YOU know better.
Remember, this will make FDL a group of smaller groups that are easier to argue against, YOU will have more chance of winning.

– Argue emotionally.
Being emotional or passionate about something is not the same as arguing emotionally.
Argue emotionally, emotional arguing makes YOU think and argue better.
YOU should care more about winning the argument than facts
Try to  use simple, repetitive points, negative if possible, it will wear down the other person.

– Call names.
When the other person is defending their ideas denigrate them, call them names (didn’t we all learn this in 4th grade?)
Calling someone a nazi will really make your point, after all isn’t disagreeing with YOU the same as killing millions of people?
Start early with the names, remember YOU are used to the mud, it will probably throw off the other person, remember they are just a troll.
Using “vulgar” language is closely related to calling names, it can divert attention and brings the focus back to YOU.

– Do not keep on topic
Change to whatever YOU personally want.  If YOU stretch and exaggerate a little at a time the other person will not notice.
After all how can YOU get YOUR points across if other people want to discuss something different?
Keep repeating YOUR point over and over, it will hammer down the other person.

– Blame rather than discuss
Make everything about YOUR point or one person, like Obama, after all EVERYTHING must be his/their fault?
Never admit that YOU could even possibly be wrong, that shows weakness and makes YOU a victim
YOU are not here to share, YOU are here to try to make everyone else agree with YOU.

– It’s about YOU
Don’t share, don’t try to find agreement or common ground. Twist and manipulate everything into what YOU think.
Never ever say “point taken” because the other person could not possibly be as smart as you, what do THEY know?
Anarchy is like entropy, it always wins in the end.


Let the flame throwing begin.