We all could have predicted this would happen…

Michael McAuliffe at HuffPost writes:

WASHINGTON — Republicans in Congress have called out the Democrats for a fight over recess — but there are few signs the Democrats are going to show up.

In a bid to stop President Obama from making Senate-circumventing appointments while Congress is out — most notably Consumer Financial Protection Bureau architect Elizabeth Warren — House Speaker John Boehner is banning his members — and the Senate — from going on holiday.

For one chamber to bar the other from recess is an extraordinary step that has seldom been perpetrated in the history of Congress, yet it is easily done because the Constitution requires each chamber to consent if the other will be out for more than three days.


However, after President Obama and Republicans declared Wednesday the Senate should keep doing work on the stalled debt talks, Senate Democrats said they were re-evaluating whether to allow Senators to go home for the Fourth.

Either way, under the normal rules of Capitol Hill, President Obama will not be able to use his own constitutional power to make recess appointments while there is a nearly unprecedented log jam of nominees waiting in the Senate. And an idle pro forma session seems the plan for the longer August break.

None of that is sitting well with progressives and judicial advocates who think the president and his party could take dramatic steps to shatter the GOP blockade and salvage their vision of government, rather than preserving their own days off.

There is no better candidate than Elizabeth Warren to head up the CFPB. Unfortunately, the Republicans want to tank the economy, so they can show us just how much testosterone they really have.