Translating Obama

Debt Limit Negotiations:

I have pre-negotiated deep budget cuts to middle class social programs. I’m now ready to negotiate away the core issues that define the Democratic Party (if such a thing still exist).

Gay Marriage:

I support gay marriage, and I don’t support gay marriage.


The War Powers act may or may not be constitutional but since I haven’t violated the War Powers Act, I’m not concerned with its constitutionality or the Constitution. “Congress shall have Power . . . to Declare War” or I do until I say otherwise.


We must cut middle class programs to give Millionaires and Billionaires confidence so the benefits will “Trickle Down” to middle class voters. See Jobs & Trade.


We need more American jobs, and I support Free Trade deals that export American jobs. See Trade.


I want to pass the Korean Free Trade agreement so American companies can manufacture more American cars in China and ship them to South Korea, and South Korea can continue to export millions of cars to America. See Jobs.


I need Latino votes next year so I’ll continue to “fight” for the Dream Act that has no chance of passing. Dream Act – Yes We Can! Yes We Can!


What wars?

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