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Senate Democrats Bemoan Obama’s Lack of Leadership on Debt Debate

Where's Obama? (by JoshBerglund19)

Unfortunately, this is far too a common refrain by now.

Senate Democrats are accusing President Obama of failing to use his bully pulpit effectively in the debt-ceiling fight.

They say most people are confused about the issue and don’t understand they’d face an economic catastrophe if the $14.3 trillion ceiling isn’t raised by Aug. 2.


Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.), the former chairman of the Budget Committee, said the public has a “lack of knowledge” about the debt limit.

Lautenberg said “the leadership has to be more outspoken and make the case.”

“This is the biggest courtroom in the world, and you can’t get a verdict that is positive without making the argument,” he said.

This idea that Obama’s not using the bully pulpit enough to stake out a strong alternatives to Republicans is oddly familiar.

Guess it’s not just us DFHs.

One senior Democratic senator called the White House leadership on framing the debt-ceiling debate “feckless” and said he couldn’t understand why Obama hasn’t been more outspoken in calling for action.

A Democratic senator facing a tough reelection next year said it would be “disappointing” if Obama does not call out Republican leaders in the next few days for playing “Russian roulette” with the economy.

But that would be so mean and partisan.

Again, Obama doesn’t need Olympia Snowe’s or Ben Nelson’s or the Blue Dogs’ permission to do this.

Where is he?

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