What really matters are the opinions of a whole generation of young GLBT militants and activists, radicalized by the Obama generated defeats of same sex marriage in 2008 in California, Florida and Arizona who took to the streets in nationwide demonstrations that peaked with the 2009 200,000 strong March on Washington. That March was bitterly opposed by most Democrats who sensed, correctly, that it would become an anti-Obama rally. It did.

It did have the effect of shocking Obama and the Congress into passing and signing the limp, incorrectly aimed and never to be used or spoken of again ‘Hate Crimes Bill”.

The absurdity of electioneering raised it head again and the movement was put on hold for the 2010 elections which had a big surprise for Democrats. Because they’d betrayed everyone but the banksters and the military industrial complex, they were summarily abandoned by 30 million of those who voted for Obama, many just walking away and many switching parties.

Now we’re in for more election hoopla and hopey/changey/evolvey. But with the WH, Congress and the courts firmly in the hands of right wing Democrats and Republicans not much is going to change.

Just before the vote in New York Obama met with two groups. The first was with GLBT misleaders who attended a $1250.00 a plate dinner for his campaign. He declined to endorse our rights. Again. Then Obama moved on to the real business of the night, dinner at Daniel, a very expensive venue where Wall Street banksters paid $35,800 per plate to have the ear of the man who’s given them trillions in bailouts, in donations to insurance companies as part of his ‘heath care’ scam, in hundreds of billions in ‘stimulus’ boondoggles and to subsidize the losses of banksters caught in the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac debacles.

There’ll be much more of the same. According to Bloomberg via AmericaBlog Obama is soliciting “donors who pledge $75,800 to the Obama Victory Fund”, who’ll be named “Presidential Partners”. According to AmericaBlog “you would have to be a fool to miss the connection between the meek financial reform that the White House promoted and his campaign contributions. Also, let’s think for a moment about the extension of tax breaks for the wealthy. If you are not part of the deep pocket crowd, you’re really not very important to this administration…”

Obama and the Congressional Democrats have betrayed environmentalists, imprisoned and tortured GLBT-antiwar hero Brad Manning, prosecuted, at a horrifying loss in lives to civilians, six (and counting) wars of naked, ugly aggression to steal land, oil, resources and military bases, betrayed unions and busted the UAW and ourselves, the perennial under the bus crowd.

Unions are threatening to cut him off at the knees, politically speaking by withdrawing support and contributions. From my point of view that can’t happen too soon and then we can rename them Whigs and continue to fight our other enemies, the Republicans. On Tuesday, November 6th, 2012 vote socialist, vote left or just sit it out. Instead of worrying about which right wing candidate wins and concentrate on building mass movements to win our agenda.

Bill Perdue

Bill Perdue