Iowa’s “Health Care Not Warfare” campaign was front page news in The Daily Iowan yesterday:

Organizers in Iowa City are frustrated at President Obama’s war record and are organizing caucus delegates to push for a quicker end to the war in Afghanistan.

With the group Health Care Not Warfare, University of Iowa history Professor Jeff Cox is spearheading that movement by recruiting volunteers to act as precinct coordinators who will attend 2012 Iowa caucuses and persuade uncommitted delegates to stand up for national health-care insurance and peace in Afghanistan.

Of course, The Daily Iowan is, as its masthead proudly states, “The Independent Daily Newspaper of the University of Iowa.”

Wondering what the Corporate Media found important about the president’s visit? Check it out:


The Washington Post

The Wall Street Jingo Journal

Sad, isn’t it, when obedient ignorace by the erstwhile Chroniclers of History As It’s Being Made is laid bare by a Professor of History brave enough to draw parallels between our country’s filthy wars and its refusal to provide for the health of its citizens.

You can help Cox and the Health Care Not Warfare campaign put delegates in every caucus site in Iowa next February. Ask your friends, family and other contacts in Iowa to support the effort, or write Cox at jeffcox_at_inavia_dot_net if you’re in the Buckeye State and want to help.

Thanks for all you do.

Anthony Noel
New Progressive Alliance Facilitator

(Please note, the Iowa Health Care Not Warfare campaign is not to be confused with a petition drive of the same name being run by a national veal pen group of notoriously ersatz progressives.)

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