Almost everyone agrees that America or any country has the right, duty, and responsibility to establish, enforce, and protect its borders. If YOU agree, then America’s immigration “policy” is reasonable but its enforcement is reprehensible. In addition to the thousands of annual legal immigrants, we allow temporary seasonal workers, critical technology workers, and students to immigrate. America has one of the most liberal immigration system in the world but it’s broken. The politics of both the Left and Right refuse to protect and enforce our borders. The Right wants cheap labor and the Left wants cheaper votes. Both political parties use illegal immigrants as political and economic pawns.

I oppose the Dream Act but I sympathize with young illegal immigrants that were brought to America by their parents. They have been raised as Americans with little ties to their native county but they are illegal immigrants just as the 30 year old person with a toddler that illegally crossed the border last night. These sympathetic illegal immigrants want America to change its laws and allow them a path to citizenship that bypasses our current immigration policies.

If you agree America must enforce its borders and we aren’t currently, then Reagan’s immigration amnesty, Obama’s comprehensive immigration policy/path to citizenship, and the Dream Act are immigration legal moral hazard. Every sympathetic exception encourages more illegal behavior that leads to another round of sympathetic people demanding exceptions. America has 10 – 30 million illegal immigrants, and the social problems and cost from illegal immigration.

I say no Dream Act until the legal moral hazard issue is settled. What should happen with the toddler that was illegally brought to America last night? Last week? Last year? What happens in 15 – 20 years when he or she becomes a sympathetic illegal immigrant? Do we pass Dream Act II? How about a Dream Act every 5 years? The very people that want to become American citizens and pledge to support and defend the constitution and our laws don’t support the law they are violating. I’ll bet Wall Street Banksters don’t like banking laws that limit their ability to rob their customers either. I’ll also bet most Dream Act supporters didn’t support the moral hazard created by the Wall Street bailout or the new “Too Big To Fail” faux laws.

If the Dream Act or other “paths to citizenship” are passed, then the defacto American immigration policy becomes illegally immigrate, stay as long as possible, then beg politicians to make an exception for illegal behavior. In other words, America’s doesn’t have immigration laws except if a politician wants to look tough. If Democrats want Latino votes, they purpose another round of exceptions and round-up a few illegals to look tough, or when Republicans need to gen-up the racist base, they round-up a few illegals and send them home.

I suggest those who favor the Dream Act avoid the pitfalls African Americans have suffered. We vote 95%+ Democratic. Yet the black Democratic president is ignoring 15% black unemployment, exporting the jobs that created the black middle class, and has moved on to using Latino issues for votes. I suggest Latinos and Dream Act supporters make themselves relevant to both political parties. We are a country of immigrants and our strength is our diversity but we have laws. Or should.

Bin Quick

Bin Quick