Yesterday I dropped a link in the first part of “The Darkening Horizon” that has again captured my attention this afternoon.

As reported in the USA Today, tax receipts in 2009 at historic lows. See also – it’s sister link, “By one measure, federal taxes lowest since 1950”, published just earlier this year.

I love this for a variety of reasons. It touches on so many issues. It’s fact based refutation to all those Tea Partiers that taxes are not, in fact, crushing American capitalism. It’s a piece of the deficit puzzle that so much ideologically based hot air is spouted about in DC – they’re playing with people’s lives, quite literally, with all the deficit and debt limit quackery. It’s a piece of the “we have a corruption problem, not a productivity problem” puzzle.

But most of all, it’s in the USA Today, which you can put in front of anyone even ten percent reasonable and they’ll have to take it seriously. Only the most hardened of wing nuts would call the USA Today a part of the liberal media. Even then, you can say, what, the paper that publishes this guy? Or this guy? (seriously, click through on that one)

At the very least pointing this out can start a real conversation about taxes, spending, and what our priorities are.

Edit: I was going to do this. Other links that warm my heart.

Danny Macaskill riding video – if you have five and a half minutes, and are even vaguely interested in seeing things done with a bike that you’ve never even imagined, this is worth your time.

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