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Late Night: Legalizing Gay Marriage in New York Dooms Gay Marriage in New York

The legalization of gay marriage in New York has inevitably doomed gay marriage in New York and is a devastating defeat for liberal gay rights activists.

If you failed to grasp this truth through intuitive ratiocination that is because you lack the clear-eyed perspicacity and flashing insight displayed by Townhall columnists. Townhall has quite an impressive stable of columnists. You can tell by how fast the the horseshit piles up to their fetlocks.

Jeff Jacoby explains how the landmark 1967 Loving v. Virginia decision that ended restrictions on interracial marriage is a key precedent for why gay marriage is bigotry and is legally doomed: “The old laws banning interracial marriage had a long run but they eventually collapsed. The new laws in New York and other states authorizing same-sex marriage may be destined for a long run as well, but I suspect they too will eventually collapse.” That’s because gay couples can’t have kids. The gay couples I know who are pretty good parents are Fig Newtons of my imagination, clearly. Also they are probably racists.

Terry Jeffrey informs us that that the New York law is rank anti-Catholic bigotry and will end up with something like the Inquisition, except this time it will be the gays burning the Catholics. Because they are flaming. And this is after all the nice things the Church has done for gays. Ingrates. Anyway, this is awful. Why, one day we may even be treated to the spectacle of a homosexual Roman Catholic bishop. Of all things!

Frank Turek tells us that the gays got him fired at Cisco.

So you see, gay marriage is doomed because the gays are just as bad as racists and hate Jesus and also they can get you fired from your corporate gig if you step out of line.

Obviously. The things you learn, reading Townhall.

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