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Republicans: Read this report and then weep! Your ideology is completely wrong.

Via Huffington Post, I found a post at Think Progress which demonstrates that those states that cut spending actually caused:

1 percentage point increase in the unemployment rate

2.1 percent loss of private employment

2.9 percent real economic contraction relative to the national economic trend

chart of states that increase spending vs. those that decrease spending

The chart is from the Think Progess post.

On the other hand, those states that increased funding actually caused the reverse:

0.2 percentage point decrease in the unemployment rate

1.4 percent increase in private employment

0.5 percent real economic growth since the start of the recession

As the report notes, it is not just about public sector employees… those states that decreased funding actually caused an increase in the unemployment rate, including for private sector employees, as well as “a contraction relative to the national economic trend.”

You can read the rest of the report right here!

Of course, it may be that Republicans don’t really care about jobs, but merely use the “jobless recovery” as part of their rhetoric.

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