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Obama Capitulates to GOP and Withdraws Labor Protection from Colombia Trade Deal

Rep. Sander Levin

Rep. Sander Levin by jimrenaud

The website for the US Trade Representative still has a link to the inadequate–but nevertheless improved–labor protections that the US had demanded from Colombia to support a trade deal with the country.

But according to Sander Levin–who just announced his opposition to the deal–Obama has agreed to a Republican demand to drop such protections from the deal.

Rep. Sander Levin, D-Royal Oak, told reporters today he will oppose the free trade deal with Colombia, saying he can’t support the deal unless a plan to protect worker rights is included.

Levin criticized Republican opposition to including a reference to a labor rights action plan in implementing legislation — and the Obama administration’s acquiescence.

“Refusal to refer to the action plan on workers rights in the implementing bill is a fatal flaw,” Levin said.

I know I shouldn’t be surprised by Republican’s sheer cynicism anymore. But with this move they have effectively demanded–and Obama has agreed–that our workers should have to compete against workers in a country who may well be murdered if they stand up to management. The GOP has now insisted that the race to the bottom include murder.

What does that say they want for their own constituents?

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