In 2010, American voters foolishly aided and abetted the Republicans by giving them control of Congress.

We now enter a very dangerous period in the lead up to the 2012 presidential election.

If Obama is not re-elected, and people don’t work towards returning workable majorities in the House and the Senate to the Democrats, then the country only continues its decline, and all will be lost.

It may be the end of a two century great social experiment unequaled in human history.

Returning the Democratic Party to the glory days of house and senate control that it had until Obama and the party were unable to convince enough people that their batsh*t crazy drive for bipartisanship with batsh*t crazy republicans was the only way to go, is the only way to go. There is no other reasonable way to go.

There were huge socially progressive strides made towards thinking about gradually thinking about progressively moving forward by Obama and the Democratic Party during that time, and the only thing holding them back is that not enough people clapped loudly enough.

The voters predicament and the collapsing economy is all the fault of the voters.

Wall Street, the insurance industry, weapons manufacturers, and mortgage lenders turned into property owners all across the land are all beside themselves with joy and can barely contain their glee at their power to power the American economic powerhouse.

And all they get is bashed for it?

Come on, people. Get with the program. Jeeze.

Eventually you know it all has to trickle down to the peasants once the bottoms of their pockets split open from the weight of all that progress, and funding wars is a major part of that strategy. You know this.

Reagan promised that, and Obama is doing everything humanly possible to make it happen, so he deserves all the credit he deserves.

We must keep the Pentagon budget equal to or above the amount all 50 state governments combined spend every years for the health, education, welfare, and safety of 310 million Americans, or there will be that much less to trickle down.

People need jobs badly. Libya is an emerging market, and Obama is doing everything he can do to save as many jobs for Americans in Afghanistan as he can.

By the end of 2012 after his drawdown he’ll have only twice as many troops in Afghanistan as were there on the day he was inaugurated. It’s not much, but it’s progress, incrementally, gradually. It may even qualify him for a Nobel Peace Prize. And I can’t even begin to guess how many civilian contractor jobs there will be there.

Keep on rockin’ in the free world….

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