There is nothing I would rather see than the Democratic Party
revert into the Party that use to represent the less fortunate and working
Americans. They were a force that kept the representatives of the more
fortunate at bay.  After the Religious
Right, the group that had enough votes to hold our nation hostage to four extra
years of the G. W. Bush administration that destroyed as many as a million
lives in Iraq (thousands of them our bravest loved ones), our economy and reputation,
I joined the Democratic Party and tried from within to get them to teach the
true history of our nation. I found I was only being used to keep the status quo.

Life has taught me to believe that if there is a God, which I
believe there is, that God needs us to believe in us because God never gave
anyone like minds. Us, is we the people of a United Nation such as the United
States of America. My God is an almighty God that created all living things and
does not need a chosen people or me to believe in him. He tries to teach us through
history and nature.

History clearly tells us that believe in a God that he needed
a Nation of open-minded, common sense, Good Samaritan human beings as an
example for the rest of the world.  Our
Forefathers used the history on the trail of life behind them to write the most
admired document ever written the Constitution of the United States. Our
Forefathers knew the rich and powerful have always used fear-mongering and the
weak and narrow-minded as pawns to divide, conquer and oppress nation after nation
such as Iran. They used that knowledge to lead us out of the Dark Ages. God
also taught us to beware of false prophets such as Fox News that keeps
fear-mongering and religious zealots in the forefront of their news. Nature
clearly tells us God will destroy any species of life that over populates any
area of his earth.

After death I can believe we will have to answered for how
good a Good Samaritan we have been. I can believe God inspired man to write all
the ancient religious beliefs to appease all the different minds. I would have
to believe that my fate had been pre-determined before death if I had to
explain why I can’t tell the difference between a narrow-minded Christian, Jew
or Muslim zealots. I do believe God inspired our Forefathers to write the
Constitution of the United States. Any open-minded American of my generation
that has studied history at all should know no generation of people ever had it
as good as mine. Any open-minded, common sense American should know how our
elected leaders have been ignoring our Constitution ever since the Second World
War. Every open-minded American that reaped the benefits of the America our
fathers generation left us should know how we have turned our backs on our
children and grandchildren.

I joined the FDL in hopes of finding enough common sense
voices to re-unite our once great Nation. I find most of the blogs pointing in
that direction. The comments to those blogs tells me that far too many
Americans are letting the corporate feed media control their mind instead of
using their own God given minds. United we stand, divided we fall.

I believe it is time to form a Write in Party that believes
in a United States and leaders that have the courage to tell the true history
of our Nation.  The candidate’s would not
need corporate money to come before us and tell us how they can help us. They
would not have to be a democrat or republican that has become one in the same.
We need this for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

True American

True American