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There has always been a Rubicon in the abortion debate. It is a line that even the hardest of hard core forced pregnancy advocates would not cross, at least not in public. That is making it a crime for a punishable by jail time for the woman that has an abortion.

Sure they are willing to have the doctors locked up on felony charges but they always seem to know that the public relations nightmare of advocating for locking up women if they seek out an abortion has kept the anti-choice groups from really embracing this idea.

Now it seems there that there is a backdoor way of making this an acceptable norm. The English newspaper The Guardian has a great round up of this problem.

You see there is a tragic and growing trend, where states are using the fetal homicide laws, not to add to the prosecution and incarceration of those who might attack pregnant women, but instead for women whose children are either still born or who miscarry.

As you might expect some of these cases have to do with taking drugs while pregnant. Even if it is unclear or there is no evidence linking the drug use to the lose of the child, women have been charged with murder. Take the case of Rennie Gibb of Mississippi.

She was 15 when she became pregnant. The pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at 36 weeks. It was when the prosecutors found that she had a cocaine habit they decided that they would charge a minor who lost a baby and had a problem with drugs with murder, more than that, they charged this child with what is called there a “depraved heart murder”. This type of murder is basically saying that someone died because the perpetrator had a depraved indifference to human life. Oh, and it carries a mandatory life sentence.

While Ms. Gibbs is the first woman in Mississippi to be charged with murder for the miscarriage of her pregnancy sadly she is not the only one in the nation. There is the case of 34 year old Bei Bei Shuai, who tried to kill herself when her boyfriend left her alone and pregnant. She took rat poison.

She was 33 weeks pregnant at the time. She was rushed to hospital and was saved. She gave birth to a little girl named Angel later that week. Angle lived four days, then died. She has been in police custody, charged with murder and attempted foeticide. She has been held without bond.

These are horrible perversions of justice. Mainly for a single reason, it is legal in all of these states to terminate a pregnancy, but it is somehow illegal to perform acts or take substances that would cause the same ending of that pregnancy?

The other shocking unjust thing is that none of these women intended to terminate their fetus. These things all happened outside the idea of ending a pregnancy. They were drug users or despondent abandoned women.

In many crimes there is a need for intent. If you accidentally burn down your friends house, it is not arson, it is an accident. The same is you strike someone with your car and kill them, that is not murder that is manslaughter.

These women and many like them are being charged as murderesses because of the pernicious laws meant to expand the definition of personhood earlier and earlier in pregnancy so as to strangle the rights to choose to control their reproduction.

They are also having the affect of slowly but surely normalizing the idea that an unborn fetus is so much more valuable to society than an adult female citizen that if that women chooses to go around unconscionable restrictions, she and the doctor could be locked up, and it would be considered “just”.

I find those who want to forcibly control women’s reproductive choices less than the scum you scrape off your shoes. I did not think that these zealots could stoop any lower, but I should have known better. I am completely and totally disgusted by these tactics, to the point that I wish I thought there was an afterlife with a Hell, so I could know they would be sending a good long time next to the hottest fire.

What is on your minds tonight Firedogs? The floor is yours.

Bill Egnor

Bill Egnor

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