One of the most noticeable sounds on the midway was the sideshow talker. His main job was to lure the towns’ people inside the sideshow tent with his almost hypnotic and reassuring tones. This “grinder,” “spieler,” or “talker” told about the sites inside the tent. Next to this talker was a bally platform where free attractions appeared while the sideshow talkers ballyhooed the wonders that where just inside the tent. These acts were an enticement to get the crowd to buy tickets and enter the sideshow tent.

Drawing from Library of Congress

From the Mainstream Media Sideshow:  On Sunday, Fox News Host Chris Wallace asked Republican Presidential hopeful Michele Bachman if she is a “flake.”

Politico reported this morning that Bachmann is not accepting Chris Wallace’s apology. Apparently a lot of women wrote into Fox News that they were disgusted with Chris Wallace’s question.  Politico is of the opinion that this will boost Bachmann’s appeal to women voters.



Some one should ask Chris Wallace if HE is a flake.  His pseudo question is typical of mainstream media and it is not limited to Fox News.  What did he think?–that Bachmann would answer:  ”Yes, Mr. Wallace, I am a flake. Thank you for asking. Next intelligent question.”

What did Wallace hope to accomplish with such a question other than to insult the person he is interviewing?  Or perhaps to prove to his audience that he did not approve of Bachmann.

I’m no fan of Bachmann’s politics, but I’m even less a fan of Chris Wallace’s style of interviewing–especially women.

This is just another example of the level of punditry on mainstream media and the real purpose of the stable of media pundits (regardless the channel) which is NOT to conduct serious discussions about serious issues, but rather to entertain by asking “naughty” questions, by delving into the personal quirks of candidates and by provoking them with inane questions.


How sophisticated are they with their propaganda?

Underestimating the intelligence of your opponent is one sure way to lose.

Consider this possibility:  Could Chris Wallace’s question have been intentional and designed to increase the sympathy of women voters for Michele Bachmann?  Many women at least one time in their lives, regardless their serious nature, have been dismissed as flakes, airheads, or “not understanding”, etc.

No, you are right. I’m probably over-thinking it.  They couldn’t possibly be strategizing at this level–could they?

One thing is certain:  Like me, you may not care for Bachmann’s politics; however, those who underestimate her capabilities, experiences and intuitiveness for politicking,  could be sorry.  Few know this about Bachmann, but she is one heck of a fund raiser.  In 2010 she raised and spent over $13 million for her campaign which was more than any other member of the House.

Already, she has turned this stupid remark by Chris Wallace into a win.  No doubt hundreds if not thousands of Republican women have already added to her campaign coffers because of it.  You can bet your boots that Bachmann will milk this event for even more.

I don’t know where the Republican Circus will end, but I predict that either Bachmann or Perry will at least be the Republican’s selection for VP–and perhaps worse.

Liz Berry

Liz Berry