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Rod Blagojevich Found Guilty on 17 of 20 Counts

What Does Rod Blagojevich Think Of Losing The 2016 Bid?

What Does Rod Blagojevich Think Of Losing The 2016 Bid? by Outsanity Photos

So, former disgraced Governor Rod Blagojevich has been convicted of 17 of the 20 counts that were being retried after the previous jury deadlocked on the charges except the charge of lying to the FBI.

The main charge, that Gov. Rod tried to sell the seat of then president elect Obama to the people that could do the most for him is among the ones he has been found guilty of today.

For those that are wondering how State is allowed to retry a case that has been before a jury without running into problems with double jeopardy, it is because until there is a plea, acquittal or conviction it is up in the air as far as double jeopardy is concerned.

It seems that the US Attorney’s trying the case learned a little something from the reaction of the first jury to the way they originally put their case on. They may have also been helped by the fact that this time Blagojevich took the stand for a total of seven days, trying to deny the allegations against him.

After all this time I find it hard to see how his legal representation thought that he would be more credible now than when he was originally tired and convicted of the one count. Maybe they had hopped that people would have forgotten what a clown he was around this whole mess and that he was indeed impeached and removed as Governor of Illinois.

The former Governor now faces as much as 350 years in prison. Personally I hope they throw the book at him. There are not as many truly corrupt politicians as we might think. There are tons of cowardly or ill informed or just dumb ones, but while they make things look worse than they are there are limited number of truly criminal politicians, in either party. I have no sympathy for any of them.

If Blagojevich gets basically a life sentence for this, I will not shed a single tear. He was the governor of a large state and instead of looking out for what is best (or even what he thought was best) for the people, he chose to look out for what was best for him.

He was famously recorded as saying “This is f**cking golden!”, and here I can agree with this crook from Illinois seeing him be convicted and sentenced to a good long stretch in prison is, indeed golden.

The floor is yours.

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