Pictured: Andrew Cuomo, as imagined by K-Lo.

You just knew after the historic events in New York on Friday night that there would be some truly deliciously unhinged wingnuttery coming from William F. Buckley’s old place. After all, under Buckley, the National Review was objectively pro-Jim Crow in the ’50s and ’60s.

First, a couple weeks ago, Archbishop Timothy Dolan said a couple weeks ago that if the gays were allowed to marry, New York would be just like North Korea. And of course, K-Lo agreed.

We are witnessing tyranny today that is fostered by a false sense of freedom, a tyranny that faux tolerance ferments.

This gay stuff is indeed a slippery slope. You liberals may think homo marriage is cute now, but before you know it, Andrew Cuomo will be worshipped as a god and start publicly executing people in Yankee Stadium.

Then there was this.

The gay-marriage movement is thus not the heir of the civil-rights movement; it is the heir of Bull Connor and others who tried to impose their false idea of moral reality on others by coercive state power.

Right, because heterosexual conservatives in New York are being denied their Constitutional rights, beaten, firebombed, dragged from their homes and lynched by bigoted gays hell-bent on establishing a homocentric society — all with the backing of the New York police.

Conservatives are very strange people.

Blue Texan

Blue Texan