My e-mail to the White House: THIS TIME, call their bluff!

My e-mail to the White House:

We Democrats absolutely DEMAND that the president call the bluff of the Republican leadership which is so obviously trying to hold the entire nation hostage over the debt ceiling, despite the fact that the great majority of the American people DO NOT WANT cuts to important social programs and DO WANT significant increases to make the very wealthy pay their fair share!  Please follow Bernie Sanders’ advice and DO NOT give in to this bluff! The Bush tax cuts for the very wealthy must be brought to an end as soon as possible. If the president were to go on television and explain, just as Sen. Sanders has done, just what the Republicans are trying to do TO our country, and the public will rally in support… but if he caves in to them YET again, he will own the consequences and could even lose the election.

Please! This is the time for some spine!