It’s time I gave back a little (besides my $45) to FDLMyFDL, and all the staff and ESPECIALLY each and every Pup who posts diaries or comments.

You folks have shared SO much with us all, I have learned SO much from all of you.

So, for those Puppers having a tough time at MyFDL with embedding links, or other codes (I’m STILL not sure which one’s will work at MyFDL in comments), I know the ‘a href embed link code’ works, I think bold, italic, underline might work.

Don’t think block quote works anymore.

Anyhoots, here’s something that might help some of yas out a little.

Html Tutorial.

Hope this helps, that page link will take you to all kinds of simple html turotial stuff, I bookmarked it because for me it’s that valuable.

Have fun and thanks to one and all for everything here, I certainly have appreciated it all to date and look forward to much more!

N don’t forget to check out my latest music diary if ya missed it, I think it’s off the page now but here’s the link, I’ll check it for a day or so till comments are closed on it . . *G*

Let’s Pick-Americana!

Larue-Clique Member Since LibbyGate

Larue-Clique Member Since LibbyGate

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