The ideal Republican President – is no President.

By many people’s measure Ronald Reagan was one of the worst Presidents ever.
Yet the ‘pubs practically worship Reagan.

Reagan had alzheimer’s, there is no doubt about that, and there is significant evidence that he was seriously affected while he was President.   During many congressional inquiries he said, under oath, “I can’t recall.”  Personally I believe he was telling the truth.

Then there is G W Bush, not much needs to be said about him.
Despite being the “decider” he took more vacation time than any US President to date and really left Dick Cheney to do his “business.”

Recently we have Sarah Palin running as VP and a possible candidate.   Clearly a majority of the country thinks she is simply not qualified.  Yet, there she is with a significant following.

The Repugs have started a series of having barely qualified or completely unqualified or incapacitated people as the US senior executive.  Yet, they seem to LOVE this, or more accurately, they seem to love the results of being the party that caters to the ultra rich.

The answer seems obvious – the ‘pubs actually do not want a responsible, qualified senior executive.  Perhaps the ideal Republican President would just be a sock-puppet.  Corporations, rich people (as if there is a difference) love it when nobody is in charge, they can run wild and ransack the country, as was the case when GWB started with a budget surplus and when he left there was a record debt and the economy in shambles.  Anybody seen my $5 Trillion?