What’s the deal with Digby? First she discusses her shock that the real long-range Obama health care plan — if Ezra Klein is a good guide — is to convert Medicare and Medicaid into ‘premium support’ programs, which is what Obamacare is. For the record, here’s the Klein she is reacting to:

So Bachmann is perhaps right to say that the president is moving us towards a day when ObamaCare — or, to put it more neutrally, “premium support” — might come to Medicare. He’s seeing whether it works in the private health-care market first and, if it does, there’s little doubt that the political pressure to extend it to other groups will be intense.

(The new ‘support’ won’t cover close to all of geezers’ health care costs, but that’s why they should’ve been saving their asses off their entire adult lives: they should’ve known the uni-party would eventually ditch Medicare.)

Despite that hard slap in the face of ‘authentic Obama’, note the end of Digby’s second sentence below (emphasis added):

But the reason liberals were so wedded to the public option was because it, at least, created an obvious path and useful alternative to actual humans once the insurance companies started their inevitable gouging and manipulations. Regulating is hard, and the resistance from our monied class will always be huge so it is going to take decades longer to implement and get the results from this plan than if they’d simply expanded the existing national plan to everyone. There was a better way.

Digs, get it through your fearful, conventional, wanna-stay-friends-with-Obama-operatives head that Obamacare was/is NOT some sort of very convoluted indecipherable path to the progressive destination that we all ‘just know’ Obama wants to get to. He’s going somewhere else! And that is a very Hoover/Reagan Republican, unprogressive place. You just recognized that two paragraphs earlier yourself when you blasted Klein/Obama’s path toward the privatization/trashing of Medicaid & Medicare.

Progressives had “a better way” to the ‘health care at reasonable cost for all Americans’ goal, so that’s ALSO Obama’s goal? What a crazy thing to say! After the deficit hawking, big bank servicing, warmongering, anti-unionism, Patriot renewing, Bradley Manning, yada yada, WAKE UP! It’s mid-2011 fCs: he’s not Kennedy (or wtf) but, like Ezra Klein sez, The Greatest Republican President Ever.

Just a final side note: Is Digby the best real progressives can do in 2011-2012? Can you imagine her in next year’s election year? Just asking.

[This post was originally a comment at pfuggeecamp.]