It will come as no surprise that Billy the Kid is my earliest hero.  Thanks to Howard Hughes’ movie The Outlaw, I was imprinted with recalcitrance at the age of 3, and it has stood me in good stead ever since.

Therefor I am extra special primo outraged that William Koch, (the younger of the foul Koch duo) has come into possession of Billy’s picture, for which he parted with two million blood drenched dollars (pocket change…)

I confess that I am gobsmacked that Koch thinks he is the appropriate guardian of this sacred artifact, and certainly cannot fathom why he would want it.

Billy would have shot him down without hesitation, seeing him instinctively as an oppressor of the people.

I would more likely have expected Koch to collect Pat Garrett’s picture.

 Meanwhile, a rich man who had the chops to appreciate and glorify Billy, Howard Hughes, is without peradventure spinning in his grave.

I predict no good will come of this to Koch–look for Billy’s ghost to pull a Jacob Marley on him, but with the variation that the visit will not be to deliver warning, but to drag Koch’s soul to hell where it belongs.

: Charles is the pig twin of David. William is ok. Billy’s ghost can stand down.