Saving one animal will not change the world but it will change the world for that animal.


A quiet 2 weeks at Chez Tiger, but I’ve got some cute pix for y’all.

Igraine, so comfortable she doesn’t give a hoot about the camera.

Janis writes: Ki-ke and Cooper say Hi. Well…Cooper does. Ki-ke is snoring….


Good thing Janis and I live on opposite coasts. Cooper is so adorable I’d be tempted to steal him.

I know I’ve told the story of Max, the kitteh who lives next door but spends almost all of his outside time in my carport or on my truck. He likes to leave hairballs on the roof of the truck. Anyhoo, one afternoon about 7 years ago a neighbor came over and said the cat next door needed help and he didn’t know what to do. I go over to Eileen’s and here’s this huge grey and white cat completely wrapped in clothesline. Eileen had gotten Max a couple weeks earlier from the relatives of an older guy who had died and left him an orphan. Eileen had put him on a clothesline “leash” and he had managed to really entangle himself in it. I hadn’t yet met Max and didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t want to use my knife to try to cut the line so I just went for the knot, untied it and slowly unwrapped Max. He only moved when I turned him over to unwrap the line. He and I have been great buddies ever since.


A couple of stories that have nothing to do with kittehs:

Kevin McClain, Dying Homeless Man, Reunited With Dog For Final Wish

All fours: Dog wears prosthetics on each leg

Where are the cute kitten pix from LOLcats, you ask?



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If only I had the tiniest grain of wisdom,
I should walk in the Great Way,
And my only fear would be to stray from it.

The Great Way is very smooth and straight;
And yet the people prefer devious paths.

The court is very clean and well garnished,
But the fields are very weedy and wild,
And the granaries are very empty!
They wear gorgeous clothes,
They carry sharp swords,
They surfeit themselves with food and drink,
They possess more riches than they can use!
They are the heralds of brigandage!
As for Tao, what do they know about it?

Tao Te Ching, 53, Lao Tzu