President Obama’s strategy is based on the premise that the Progressives and the Left have no other place to turn but to him since he is the lesser of two evils in 2012. However, the Progressives and the Left need to let the President know that we will not support him in 2012 and not only not vote for him but actually vote for his opponent if he cuts entitlements and other social programs and lowers corporate tax rates.

At the Netroots Convention, Russ Feingold chastised Democrats for doing what the Republicans do: taking corporate monies. He argued that in doing so, Democrats will be equally as beholden to their interests as the Republicans. And Obama has been proving him right thus far.

Obama has been fooling Progressives since he took office.  His rhetoric has been highly elevated, but the results have been disastrous for the middle and lower classes.  The latest performance is the budget negotiations.  Already $2 trillion in cuts have been agreed to by administration officials, and soon to follow are perhaps an additional $1 trillion in entitlement cuts to Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security in exchange for the elimination of tax loopholes and a reduction in corporate tax rates.  And how will Obama spin this to the American public?  He will say that it was necessary in order to raise the debt ceiling and preserve the borrowing capacity of our country.

This is Kabuki theater in its highest form.  The stylized public appearances full of patriotic, highly generalized rhetoric, and then the secret concessions made to the money interests that Feingold is warning us all about.  What do you think was discussed by Obama at those dinners with Wall Streeters?  Regulations of the financial industry?

Some argue that the ends justify the means.  That we have to play the game, since the Republicans are taking the money, and unless we take the corporate monies, we will lose and lose the opportunity to appoint Supreme Court judges to change the rules of the game:  the Citizens United decision for one.

But history has shown time and time again that once the ends justify the means, the means become the endgame and those original ends are ultimately cast aside and forgotten.  And history has also shown, the price that we all pay in the end is much too costly.

Many members of Congress are livid with the White House for its endgame, and for rubbing their noses in it as well.  But for them to lack the courage and to go along without challenging the President because of this endgame makes them equally as culpable and guilty.  They should have challenged the President.  In fact, one should at least be challenging the President in a primary.  Where are they?

So for the failure of the Democrats to support the Progressive cause and to act and behave as Republicans, supporting the rich, the multinational corporations, and Wall Street over the middle and lower classes, I urge all to send a very strong protest vote in 2012.  To vote for the Democrats in 2012 will never result in any real change but an endorsement of the present strategy of the White House:  to spout patriotic rhetoric but to rule in accordance with the wishes of Wall Street.  It is time to send a message that we see through this scheme and that we will not support it.  Otherwise, we are as guilty as the rest.

The Barefoot Accountant

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Barefoot Accountant

Barefoot Accountant