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Water Cooler – Friday Tunes: Ironically Cool

Friday night and the weekend beckons! It is time to throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care!

This is Friday Tunes; three picks from my admittedly skewed taste in music, all intended to get you in the mood for the weekend. Nothing serious, nothing political (well until the night I play Politics of Dancing, but never mind!) just something mildly mindless, because we al need to decompress from time to time.

First up tonight is the odd and ironic Aqua with their one and only hit “Barbie Girl”

Now that you are plasticized, it is time to turn up your ironic cool to 11 Fire, Water, Burn from the Blood Hound Gang. If the song itself does not get you laughing, the last visual joke will!

And we’ll end with a Britney Spears song. If it were not for the word play it would be a just a standard Pop-Bipsy song (not that there is anything wrong with that…). So be sure to listen to the chorus as if Britney is spelling something when after she says “All of the girls, and all of the boys are begging”

Now is where I admit to being a dork. I heard this song about ten times before I got the joke. It is not like it is that subtle but sometimes I guess I am just slow.

So now you should be cool, ironic and ready to make clever conversation.

So, what’s on your minds tonight, Firedogs? The floor (it might be a dance floor) is yours!

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Bill Egnor

Bill Egnor

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