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Progressive Caucus leaders and working Americans joined together June 14 to announce a summer-long, multi-city tour to talk about job creation and shift the debate in Washington.


89 Members of Congress, including Congressional Progressive Caucus Co-Chairs Keith Ellison and Raúl M. Grijalva, letter to President Obama urging him to appoint Elizabeth Warren, as a recess appointment if necessary, to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.


When the Senate voted recently on the Republican scheme to end Medicare, House Democrats stood up to protect health care for our seniors.


Instead of attacking the poor and middle class, the Progressive Caucus has an alternative that balances the budget by putting America back to work.


The Congressional “Progressive” Caucus website is replete with headlines and policy statements they have failed to enact into law or start a national debate. The 87 members of the Congressional “Progressive” Caucus represent poor and middle class urban Americans. If they were to vote as a block, they could push the Democratic Party as far Left as the Tea Party has pushed the Republicans Right.

It’s clear that Republicans wont vote for any tax increases to raise the debt ceiling. There will be a “deal” but I’ll bet the Tea Party and most Republicans refuse to vote for the “deal” they negotiate. Then Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi will demand that Democrats hold their nose and provide the necessary votes to pass the deal(ransom). By agreeing to have a vote and/or not filibustering a vote, the Republicans will have acknowledged the debt limit consequences and acquiesced to Wall Street pressure. At that point, the Congressional “Progressive” Caucus will have the leverage to demand anything they want. But I’ll bet the “Poverty Pimps” that have been hustling poor and middle class urban Blacks and Latinos will ignore their opportunity to effectively represent their constituents again.



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