Yesterday I wrote a comment on one of the blogs that I believe every one
of my generation should go to hell. I want to
apologize to ever one for my comment. After reading so many of the blogs about
President Obamas speech on the Afghanistan War and the comments I got very
depressed. The truth is I agree we should pull all our Troops out. What bothers
me is how shallow so many Americans seem to be about the history of why we are
still there. We entered that war for a very good reason in accordance to our
Constitution. For a while it seemed the rest of the World was with us. I have
not seen our Nation so united since the Second World War. We had that war won
without losing very many troops by comparison.

I believe the problem is the target
of we the people and the rest of the World was Afghanistan. I believe history
has proven Afghanistan was not the target of the George W Bush Administration.
Had we finished that war we would not have sacrifice so many of our loved ones
in Iraq. The truth is we built the most powerful military in the world after
the Second World War and have not won a war on the battlefield, against very
small nations, in my adult life. If you ignore history it will repeat itself.
Had we held just one of the first two Presidents accountable to our Constitution
for the Korean and Vietnam wars there would not have been an Iraq war. What
will it take for my generation to wake up?

I, my children and grandchildren may owe our
lives too the only President in my adult life that had the courage and wisdom
to Honor our Constitution. I am Proud to say I was serving in the military when
the Soviet Union a super power moved their missiles into Cuba threating us. WE
knew they had enough weapons of mass destruction to wipe us out in a heartbeat.
President Kennedy did not attack them he formed a block aid around Cuba and
dared the Soviet Union to cross it. With the most powerful military it is the
only war we have won in my adult life.

What is wrong about teaching our
children the true history of our once Great Nation?

True American

True American