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As budget negotiations broke down over the issue of Eric Cantor and Jon Kyle not getting 100% of what they want as a bipartisan gesture, it is good to look upon the men who have made Washington D.C. the shining beacon of non-accomplishment it has become.

When Democrats have asked for some additional stimulus as part of any budget deal with the hope of y’know making more employees that might pay more taxes — oh and be happier with their lives, it was met with a stinging rebuke.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday morning … ripped Senate Democrats for calling for more stimulus spending as part of the deal.

“What planet are they on?” he asked.

The Planet Earth perhaps you’ve heard of it?  And upon it in this country the unemployment rate is 9.1% and the underemployment rate is much higher.

But McConnell never has thought much outside of his own little shell.

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