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Our incumbent Republican Mayor Bob Walkup, has declined to run for a fourth term, and I don’t much blame him. As I mentioned in my last post on this topic, there is something on the order of a 230 million dollar snafu in the works. And it appears that what was spent and kept track of, was pretty much misspent, and that which wasn’t kept proper track of, just seems to be gone. As in money, what money? Anyway the FBI is on the case now, as of April 12th,2011, course this all started about April of 2006 if I remember correctly(right about now might be a good time to start keeping track of that statute of limitations thing), and they are telling us that they can’t talk about an ongoing investigation. Which isn’t but just another version of what our politicians were tellin’ us when this all started to come to light; at that time they were saying they just didn’t want to speculate about anything until the audit was completed. They had a lot of trouble makin’ that audit happen. Took a good long while. I did want to mention that I did not intend to implicitly or otherwise cast any aspersions on Mayor Walkup by mentioning him and the missing money in the same paragraph. While it is true that it did happen on his watch, to be honest with you, I just don’t think he’s that smart.

When this folderol began we had eight “serious” contenders who thought they might want to be Tucson’s next Mayor. God only knows why. And before even conducting a single primary, we’ve managed to narrow the field down to three, with nary a Republican in sight. And in Arizona that’s sayin’ somethin’. How we got to this point right here, is really fun. Free entertainment during tough times, as it were.

We begin our story with two Democrats, two Republicans, one independent, and three Green Party candidates.

First the astonishing. From his I’m dropping out press release  Green Party candidate John Mclane:

While I will not be running for Mayor myself, I have decided to join the campaign committee and act as chair of the Sustainability Committee for Shaun McClusky, Republican Mayoral candidate. After meeting Shaun I was impressed not only by his knowledge on local issues, but his precise plans and strategies for rebuilding Tucson.

 That’s right, a Green, hitching his star to the front runner Republican. Unfortunately for the calculating Green in question; Shaun McClusky’s impressive knowledge, precise planning and strategy, failed to provide for obtaining enough signatures to get on the ballot. Needing a minimum of 1,060, he filed 1183, and then dropped out of the race when faced with a court challenge regarding valid signatures. He will not be permitted to run a write in campaign as we have a “sore loser” law here in Tucson. 1,060 signatures shouldn’t have been much of a bar to clear. If  ideology wasn’t enough to prevent John McLane’s defection from Green to Red, all the stupid should have been. Oh well, two down.

Ron Asta, the remaining Republican mayoral candidate submitted 1205 ballot qualifying signatures, and was also challenged in court as to their validity. He was challenged by the surviving sister of Jennifer Reeves, who was killed at the age of 18 in a traffic accident in 1994 when the pick-up truck she was riding in was struck by a car driven by Mr. Asta who was then cited for failure to yield. In the announcement of his mayoral candidacy Mr. Asta did a mea culpa for having been caught stealing a steak when he was a young man, but no mention of Jennifer Reeves losing her life. The judge upheld the challenge, finding the Asta campaign 73 valid signatures short of qualifying for the ballot. Whole lot of stupid here once again, helped along by some karma I’d like to think.

In my last post on this topic linked above, I told you all about our whack-a-doodle “sovereign citizen” Democratic candidate Marshall Home. He quite literally is certifiable, and it’s fun reading if you missed it. Turns out he can’t meet the residency requirements. Only four left now.

Former baseball player Pat darcy was bounced from the ballot by a Superior court judge when he was found to be 106 valid signatures short of the 2,596 he needed to qualify as an independent candidate. Democrats were required to obtain 1,642 while Republicans needed 1060. So in Mr. Darcy’s defense he probably secured more valid signatures than any other single participant.

Now you might be thinking that between keeping track of that missing quarter of a billion dollars and all these failures to secure sufficient numbers of petition signatures that we here in Tucson can’t count. That’s just not so. It’s only our politicians.

Green Party mayoral candidates Mary DeCamp and Dave Croteau will run against one another in a primary to determine which of them will run against Democratic candidate Jonathan Rothschild in the general.

That’s all from my purview in Tucson for now. Hope yer havin’ a good Thursday. Stay Strong.

Robert Alexander Dumas

Robert Alexander Dumas

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