Still waiting on the outcome from Albany with that marriage equality vote. It’s expected today, but we haven’t seen it yet; here’s a state of play on the GOP side, as that elusive 32nd vote is chased. Also, there’s that whole debt limit apocalypse thing. So plenty of fodder for tomorrow!

• For a look at what our austerity regime will usher in, check out Indiana. It’s not the miracle Mitch Daniels wants you to believe.

• Looks like Rick Perry’s the latest Great White Hope for the Republican nomination, though he still denies that he’s getting in. Maybe if he can be successful enough in praying for Jews to convert to Christianity he’ll get in. As Ta-Nehisi Coates writes in an op-ed today, he’ll have to survive the ghost of Cameron Todd Willingham.

• The Washington Post comes very close to branding Jose Antonio Vargas a liar in his story on his personal life as an undocumented immigrant, which they scotched at the last minute. Meanwhile, Vargas has started a trend.

• Michael Tomasky echoes my piece about Social Security and inequality, and how we must deal with the latter to let the former flourish.

• More troubles for Bank of America. They’re being sued by a trustee for a liquidated mortgage company who is demanding they repurchase hundreds of millions in bad loans.

• Spencer Ackerman has another great post about the contradiction between the White House seeking peace talks and forever war in Afghanistan (or at least, forever bases from which to continue a shadow war). By the way, just ending these wars outright could save $1.4 trillion, a damn sight better than destroying the safety net.

• Top environmental activists call for civil disobedience at the White House to stop a tar sands pipeline.

• Weekly initial unemployment claims remain extremely high, higher than they would be in a recovery.

• Right around the time that Mitt Romney starts up a SuperPAC, a leading Dem admits that SuperPACs should perhaps disclose their donors.

• France plans its own pullout from Afghanistan, as Hamid Karzai gamely says his security forces could fill the gap. Karzai, meanwhile, has a new circle of advisers telling him to align himself with… Iran and Pakistan!

• Whatever your position on Afghanistan, it’s great to see John McCain told he has no common sense on national television.

• Good for the Senate HELP Committee to take testimony in Washington from real people suffering in this economy.

• Over the past couple days I’ve seen Democrats really raise the alarm about the CA-36 special election in a couple weeks between Janice Hahn and Craig Huey. The NRCC is dipping its toe in the race with a mini-site. Meanwhile, I’ve been accosted by the state Democratic Party and OfA to make calls. The numbers still favor Hahn, but she is decidedly uninspiring, and those internal polls showing a close race must be spooking some people.

• In case you were wondering what kind of exciting austerity measures Greece had in store for its people, they include forcing people making minimum wage to pay taxes.

• The American Federation of Government Employees won the right to represent Transportation Security Officers in a union vote today.

• The S&P 500, between them, are sitting on $800 billion in cash. Only the lure of more sales will get it off the sidelines.

• If Jay Inslee wins the Governor’s race in Washington he would instantly become one of the best Governors in America. Fingers crossed.

• A survey expert calls the McKinsey study a push poll.

• Members of Congress may have lost the privilege of hiding behind their office and the “speech or debate” clause of the Constitution in corruption trials; the 9th Circuit ruled against Rick Renzi.

• Evan Bayh: lying corporate shill.

• We could see more protests in Tahrir Square soon, and these would be explicitly political protests against the holding of elections in September.

• Hillary Clinton promises more money for the war on drugs, which is going as well as the rest of our wars.

• On the flip side, Ron Paul and Barney Frank introduced a bill to legalize pot. Don’t confuse Paul-Frank with the clothing designer.

• Whitey Bulger was living on 3rd Street in Santa Monica when picked up by the cops. That’s a decent area, close to the Promenade. Not surprised it was only $1,100 a month, though: we have Santa Monicans for Renter’s Rights, the most powerful political force in the city! They even take care of mob bosses!

• Good news, everyone, your six year-old kid might not get sexually assaulted when trying to get on a plane anymore! Emphasis on might!

• The Winklevii take the money and run.

David Dayen

David Dayen