Rank? State? Life Expectancy
(in years, 2005)?
1 Hawaii 81.7
2 Minnesota 80.5
3 Connecticut 80.1
4 North Dakota 79.8
5 Massachusetts 79.8
6 California 79.7
7 Vermont 79.6
8 New York 79.6
9 New Hampshire 79.5
10 Utah 79.5


40 Nevada 76.3
41 Georgia 76.2
42 South Carolina 75.8
43 Arkansas 75.5
44 Kentucky 75.5
45 Tennessee 75.3
46 West Virginia 75.3
47 Oklahoma 75.1
48 Alabama 74.6
49 Louisiana 74.0
50 Mississippi 73.9
51 District of Columbia 73.8



View by Census Regions

(1=high | 51=low)
Infant Death Rate
United States 6.81
1. District of Columbia 12.6
2. Mississippi 10.6
3. Louisiana 10.0
4. Alabama 9.1
5. South Carolina 9.0
6. Tennessee 8.7
7. Delaware 8.6
8. North Carolina 8.5
9. Georgia 8.2
9. Arkansas 



42. Vermont 5.6
42. Oregon 5.6
42. New Hampshire 5.6
45. New Jersey 5.4
46. Iowa 5.2
46. California 5.2
48. Washington 5.1
49. Utah 5.0
49. Minnesota 5.0
51. Massachusetts 4.9



Ok we have the numbers the 10 best and the worse places to live if you want to live a long life and the best 10 best and worse places to expect to give birth to kids. If you look at my previous post we can reference the numbers of The top ten blue and red states plus the several other categories  and see how they compare.

D=  top 10 state low life expectancy, L = top 10 long life expectancy

IB = top high infant mortality death rate,  IG = low infant mortality death rate

CG = top 10 charity giving state, CB = top 10 low charity giving state

FG = top ten state getting Federal Tax Dollars, FG = top ten state getting least Federal tax dollars.

SH = top ten high state taxes, SL = top ten low state taxes.

Top Ten Red States

1)Alabama D, IB, FB

2)Alaska FB,  SL


4)Arkansas D,IB

5)Colorado CG,FG

6)Georgia D,IB, CG



9)Iowa IG

10)Kansas CB

Top Ten Blue states

1) California L, IG, SH, TG, FG

2)Connecticut L,SH, CG, TG, FG

3)Delaware IB


5)Hawaii L,CB

6)Illinois FG

7)Maine TG

8)Maryland CG

9)Massachusetts L, IG, FG

10) Michigan




Other numbers referred to here can be seen on my previous post


The purpose of this post is to compare which of the most Red and Blue states is best to live a long life and give birth to live children.

We measure life expectancy and infant mortality rates and to see if there is a connection between politics and the things people care about most their life and their kids lives.

We are looking for correlations between good and bad life span and Charity giving the Free Market approach and state spending the Big Government approach.

of the top 10 red states 3 had D next to their name in the list above that means they were in the top 10 states for worse life expectancy none of the top 10 blue states had a D next to them which shows none of them were in the top 10 worse life expectancy states.

4 of the top ten blue states were in the top ten life expectancy states none of the red states were. Anticipating an objection that not having Utah on the list skews things well that would give you one only state. However if a reader provides a credible link that shows from 2008 – 2011 a list of Red and Blue states that includes Utah in the top ten Red States I will do another post please note the more recent numbers the better for the relevancy of this study.


3 red states had an IB next to them that means they were in the top ten for the highest infant mortality rates of the blue states in the top ten blue states only 1 state was in the top ten for the highest infant mortality rates.

Only two blue states were in the top ten for lowest infant mortality rates none of the top ten red states made the cut.

Now we compare charity and state spending

Of the Red States Alabama D, IB, FB high death, infant mortality rate only they had an too FB meaning they were in the top ten states getting federal money  so even with that extra cash they suck at providing what their citizens want ( I assume everyone wants to live longer and have healthy kids.)

Arkansas D,IB another top ten red state high death, infant mortality rate.

Georgia another top ten red state high death, infant mortality rate. D,IB, but notice the CG that means Georgia is a top ten Charity giving state. Apparently Georgia’s charities are run ineffectively or the funds are not reaching the poor.

I wonder how many of Newt’s PAC’s are tax free that very well might be throwing off Georgia’s numbers.

Colorado CG, means top ten giver to charity FG means top ten least amount of tax dollars received by the Federal Government for tax dollar paid by the state’s residents but they are not in the top ten or bottom top ten of the life expectancy or infant mortality lists.


4 blue states were in the top ten for life expectancy lists 3 of those states were also  in the low infant mortality lists. Of those 3 states  2 both had high state taxes and  high federal taxes and both were in the top ten of states getting the least amount of money from the Federal Government from taxes paid by the state’s residents. Only one  Connecticut had a CG that means it was in the top ten for states that gave to charity. Massachusetts L, IG, FG was in the top 10 states getting the least amount of money back from the Feds but surprisingly was not in the top ten for state taxes.

The other state Hawaii L,CB,

Was in the top ten for lifespan but not low infant mortality, Hawaii was actually in the top ten for giving the least to charity.

Conclusions if politics shapes a states giving to charity or voting for higher taxes the link between the most extreme of the red and blue staes and more charity giving and higher taxes is weak.

But if we look at how effective Charity (GOD) or Big Government ( Caesar ) is at providing services that people want like a longer life for themselves and of course  live kids ( again I assume thats what most people want).

Then big government seems to do a better job remember both charities and states provide money , food and shelter for the homeless, they help fund hospitals, healthcare, schools etc. It seems that big government does do a better job of providing services for people cheaper with better results.




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