Huffpost has an item entitled  “Texas TSA Bill Could Spark New Fight with Feds” Previously my record is nearly unblemished in disagreeing with Governor Perry.    He has recently gotten a lot of attention with his attempts to turn Texas into a theocracy and with his statements on Texas seceding from the nation.    But in this instance he is at least posturing to take a stand that should be taken and that I haven’t heard many democrats argue for.

“The measure passed by the Texas House during the regular legislative session would have made it a criminal offense for officials conducting traveler pat downs to touch “the anus, sexual organ, buttocks, or breast of another person,” including through clothing.”

I don’t know if he and the Texas House will actually follow through on this and challenge TSA in a very demonstrative way,  but I hope they do.    And while no doubt, his motives are entirely different than what I would hope for,  I will gladly accept a strong defense of civil liberties and common sense even when it comes from the “wrong” corner.      Of course this is a ploy to get attention for his presidential campaign, which obviously I do not support.   But  it is a good and populist stance to take.

In the best of worlds.  some courageous democrats ( or is that an oxymoron)  would use this to bring the TSA into the public forum.    The utter wastefulness, intrusiveness and questionable effectiveness of the TSA is still taboo.    I think it may be time for Texans to call their legislator ( my local rep is a dem)  and tell them that in this instance we agree with our Governor.

Some may argue that we shouldn’t ever support Perry since whatever he is doing is surely for the wrong reasons.  However in this instance I feel compelled to support his action.