Hi Blenders — I just wanted to announce that the Blend will have some downtime starting tomorrow AM. My tech friends at FDL are going to migrate our content to the WordPress platform, and finish working out the usual kinks. We also need to let the new domain propogate and the redirect to switch over.

The short version is we won’t have new content up on the Blend after about noon on Thursday, and probably won’t be up until the weekend.

It will be a short hiatus, but if you start to jones from your lack of java, be sure to follow me on Twitter, and also on Facebook, where I will post Notes. You can see the Facebook feed in the left column here.

One of the oddities/changes about how readers are consuming the Blend these days is that I receive MANY more comments in response to FB posts on my Wall than here on the Blend most of the time now; baristas are quite prolific on Twitter as well, so you can catch a cup a joe quite nicely on social networks while the blog is down.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding