IMF is largely funded by the American Taxpayers

A lot of Americans don’t realize that the International Monetary Fund IMF (a charity for wealthy bankers) is funded by their tax dollars.  For example, in June of 2009, the Obama administration slipped a funding appropriation of $100bn into a larger military appropriations bill for Iraq and Afghanistan.

I think that, considering how tough that times are here for 90% of Americans[of course not our elected officials in DC as they belong to the upper 10%] that we have a right to ask and get an answer regarding our R.O.I. in the IMF.  If you have any doubt as to the financial recovery of our elected officials, all you need to do is look at their net worths over the years 2008, 2009, and 2010.  You will see that it has steadily increased.  They don’t care about jobs because they increase their wealth, not by working, but by their investments.  Investments are not dependent on Jobs, at least not in the USA.  In fact, investments can be increased by firing people and selling off assets. These people in Washington (and it does not matter which party) do not represent us.  Instead, they represent their own Wall Street Stock portfolios.  These people know well the meaning of a “return on investment.”

IMF will be forking over $15 billion to Greece.  What will be the American Taxpayers return on this investment? Other than making a lot of bankers and their investors wealthier?

It occurred to me that since we the people forked over $100 billion to the IMF in 2009 and since the IMF is slated to loan Greece $15 billion if they agree to become slaves to the rich, that we the people, as lenders to Greece, should be getting a return on our investment.  After all, Goldman Sachs doesn’t loan money for nothing, why should the taxpayers of the USA?

Thus I went online and contacted my three elected officials in Washington DC:  Kay Bailey Hutchison; John Cornyn and Sam Johnson.  I encourage you to also ask this same question of your elected officials:  WHAT EXACTLY IS THE USA TAXPAYERS RETURN ON OUR INVESTMENT FOR GIVING BILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO THE IMF?

To Senator Hutchison:

[Note: I cringe now as I see a grammatical error in a subject verb agreement.]

To Senator Cornyn:

To Representative Sam Johnson:


While most Americans are clueless regarding the money that is being lent to Greece, the German taxpayers are not.  The Germans are also taking to the streets.  They don’t want their tax money going to the Greeks and some of them are even coming up with solutions for their R.O.I.  One person is suggesting that Greece which has a lot of sun swap some solar power back to Germany.  We Americans need to start paying attention. It’s the PEOPLE and not the bankers and their wealthy investors who should be getting a return on this investments because it is OUR money that is being “invested.”   There is a story on German taxpayers revolt against Greece  in today’s Guardian UK.

Liz Berry

Liz Berry