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My #homocrush boys at Netroots Nation 2011

Yes, this a completely frivolous post (after all, the migration to FDL means the cutoff for content is only a short time away), but I just had to do it because I don’t get to see my favorite online boys in the offline world too often, and we had a great time at Netroots Nation. To my homocrushes…in no particular order:

  • Mike Rogers: my fearless, most generous, homocrush mentor.
  • Joe Sudbay: homocrush voted most likely to be a long-lost brother since we’re so in sync.
  • Jarrod Chlapowski: the sweetest, huggable homocrush with the darling dimples.
  • Igor Volsky: the bring-home-to-mom homocrush who apparently needs no sleep.
  • Jeremy Hooper: my homocrush with the most luminous eyes and easy humor.
  • Zack Ford: my all-too-empathetic homocrush with the wry wit.
  • Rod McCullom: my quiet storm homocrush; we can pick up a conversation after months w/o contact
  • Jimmy LaSalvia: my conservative homocrush who knows how to dish me into laughter.
  • Greg Rae: my Tony-winning, fellow computer geek homocrush. 🙂
  • Alvin McEwen and Scott Wooledge: my barista homocrushes – we met for the first time at NN11.

And if you’re not on the list, it’s only because I’m write this at 1AM last night or couldn’t get enough quality time at NN. 😉 Well, you can never get enough quality time with these guys.

The responses on my Facebook Note on this were lovely

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