It’s alright to be conservative and care about the planet

Earth Day Network – Guest Blogger – Cheri Smith – Hockley, TX

Cross posted at the EDN blog

I am a 39 year old mother of 6 who believes you can and should care about your planet. You won’t find me holding a picket sign in front of a corporation, chained to a tree or driving a battery-powered car. What you will find is someone who raises her own range fed chickens for the eggs that are safer for my children. I have a sheep that eats the weeds around my yard that is planted with local flora and thus needs less maintenance and watering. My husband and I drive cars that  are over 10 years old so that we get the most use of a product that is already in existence and won’t add to manufacturing pollution or add to the auto junk pile, in fact we don’t believe in buying new cars at all. We drive them and fix them until we wring every bit of use from them we can. I raise a lot of my own vegetables organically which is great exercise and therefore I don’t have to drive to the local gym to work out. I shop at a local (2 miles away!) farmer’s market for what I don’t grow myself. We recycle aluminum cans because there is a recycling facility nearby and it’s a great way for the kids to earn some money.

We promote local parks and state parks by spending most vacations there and thus ensuring future generations will have those parks to visit and anyone who breathes needs trees. Who wants to stand in long lines at amusement parks anyway! We don’t use pesticides because we understand that our whole lives depend on bees and other beneficial insects and we realized that if pesticides kill insects what could they be doing to our bodies? I’m allergic to bees but I’m more “allergic” to not having fruits and veggies! We tore out all of the carpet in our house and while it doesn’t look as pretty, we feel our bodies are better for not having the extra chemicals in our home. You want cushioning under your feet? Wear house shoes! It’s one of our big retirement dreams to move to the mountains and have a home that is sustainable and off the grid. Those are just a few of the things that our family does or has done to better our environment. I feel that my children are learning something that they will carry on and teach their children and after all of that I would like you to know that I am a conservative. Big Shocker huh?

I feel there is a big misunderstanding politically speaking that you can’t be a conservative and care about your environment. This is such a fallacy! Did the God we conservatives believe in not create this planet and charge Adam with protecting it? Have my fellow conservatives not read Genesis 2? “The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.” Conservatives are so busy fighting liberals that they don’t stop to listen to what their own God says. We are to PROTECT this garden that God gave us even if that means giving up some material things.

We are not to be a slave to materialism. I believe you can be conservative, want little government intrusion in your daily life and still follow God’s plan to work and take care of this garden he provided us called Earth. Adam and Eve may have been kicked out of their little garden but God doesn’t expect any less of us that are still here on earth  than he expected of Adam. I am proud to join with anyone in protecting this planet. We may not always agree on the best method or means but in the end we all want the same thing. A better place for future generations to thrive in. I’m doing my part and I hope others will join me.

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