With all the stories about selective (i.e., spending-only) budget hawkery, regulatory capture, corruption and hypocrisy, sometimes it’s hard to escape the feeling that we’re all trapped inside some kind of dark, backwards mirror universe.  Everything is the opposite of what it’s supposed to be and nothing makes any sense.


  • We have a government that protects corporations from the people instead of protecting the people from corporations.
  • We have a government that persecutes the innocent and protects the guilty.
  • We have corporations telling government regulators what to do instead of regulators telling corporations what to do.
  • We have a democracy where the majority of citizens have no voice.
  • We have far-right propaganda that calls itself “fair and balanced.”
  • We have millions of right-wing Christians who feel no love, generosity or compassion for anyone not like themselves.
  • We have deficit hawks who think we have too much revenue, that austerity is the best stimulus, and that “shared sacrifice” must never be imposed on anyone who can afford it.
  • We have a retirees organization that supports cuts to Social Security.
  • We have a “family values” party that can’t keep its dick in its pants or its hand out of the trough.
  • We have Constitution fetishists – and a constitutional law professor president – who hate most of the Bill of Rights.
  • We have a law & order, tough on terror party that opposes any restrictions on the sale of guns… or any kind of rule of law at all.
  • We have a “personal responsibility” party that opposes accountability for war crimes or corporate wrongdoing.
  • We have a pro-freedom, anti-government party that wants to create a surveillance police state and regulate morality.
  • We have a Republican party that calls for bipartisanship while resorting to obstructionism and hostage-taking, and calls for civility while accusing the “Democrat Party” of being lying anti-American socialists.
  • We have a Democratic party and president that have embraced Republican policies and framing on war, surveillance, detention, transparency, health care, labor, immigration, choice, and deficits.
  • Our taxes are paltry compared to the rest of our history and most of the developed world, yet conservatives tell us that our economy is being strangled to death by the greatest tax burden the world has ever seen… or by the “uncertainty” created by our massive debt.

Feel free to add your own in the comments while I work on growing out my beard.