THE Garden of Eden

I inherited the Garden of Eden, so to speak in 1934 and
through greed and apathy helped my generation chop down the apple tree. We
simply could not tell the difference between a True Christian and a false
prophet. Life has taught me that God tries to teach us the facts of life
through history and nature. Our Forefathers led us out of the Dark Ages by
studying the history on the trail of life behind them. They used it to write
the Constitution of the United States that became the most admired document
ever written. We were the most admired and sought after Nation to ever exist until
the birth of Fox News. No generation of people ever had it as good as mine.

The key to correcting all mistakes is history. Our young
Nation made many mistakes in becoming the most respected Nation to ever exist.
Mistakes are the most effective lessons in life if you learn from them. If you
ignore them they will repeat themselves.

It took our Civil War to prove God did not give us Black
People or any other people to be slaves for the wealthy. It still took years of
our Black Leaders marching their people through hell, non-violently to gain
equal rights through Affirmative Action. The Second World War should have
proven we should not fear anyone as long as we honor our Constitution. We had a
Middle Class that our United Labor Force gave us. We were the United States
with a Democratic Party that represented the less fortunate and working America
and a Republican Party that represented the more fortunate.


Our Nation has never been this divided since our Civil War
and now one of the most disrespected Nations on Earth.

Since the Second World War, with the help of our allies that
we had developed we defeated the three most powerful Nations on Earth at one
time. We them built the most powerful military on Earth and have had three
Commanders-in-Chiefs that defied our Constitution and attacked three very small
Nations that never attacked us, Korea, Vietnam and Iraq. We lost all three wars
sacrificing thousands of our bravest loved ones. Still no one has been held
accountable to our Constitution.

Nature tells us that God will destroy any species of life
that over-populates his Earth. Our insurance company’s seem to be the only ones
that recognize an act of God. We know we are depleting the fish in the seas.
Prior to our Supreme Court ruling that a Woman had the right not to bring an
un-wanted fetus or a fetus that was endangering her life into the world,
Christians were the backbone of the Democratic Party that represented the less
fortunate. After that ruling those that profess to be Christians but have no
faith that God will judge us the way they want us to be judge bolted the
Democratic Party and joined the Republican Party. They call themselves the
Religious Right and are determined to force their beliefs on us. In 1975 we
elected one of the most noble of good Samaritans, a democrat President Jimmy
Carter. When President Carters administration started exposing and convicting
our representatives on Capitol Hill that were selling their influence to
special interest, mostly democrats the Democratic Party ran out on him before
he could finish exposing others..

In the 1980s the Democratic Party that use to represent
working America helped the Republican Party de-regulate Corporate America. It
has been all downhill for our Nation ever since.

In 1985 Fox News was
born with the likes of Rush Limbaugh the man I call Tokyo Rush because of his
likeness to Tokyo Rose of World War Two and Glenn Beck. They are making
millions of dollars claiming to represent the moral right. The truth is they
promote our representatives that have made it possible for Corporate America to
move our Union developed, good paying Jobs to the Communists, atheist Nation
that supplied the arms to kill our Troops in Korea and Vietnam. Those jobs used
to pay for such things as our social security, health insurance and etc. That
money now goes to pay the multimillion dollar salaries of our Corporate CEOs. Our
immigration laws were ignored so that our employers could bring in illegal
oppressed aliens to under mind our Labor Unions, essentially using them as
slave labor.

The final nail was driven into the coffin of the Nation that
was the most respected ever by the Religious Right. They had enough votes to
hold our Nation hostage to four extra years of the Bush Administration.


As a child I was taught to believe in an almighty God that
created all living things, and beware of false prophets. I have never found a
reason not to believe that. As an adult I found many things I was taught as a
child not to be true. I believe the number one asset that our Forefathers gave
us is the freedom to worship as we please. I have always been an adventurer and
found the most beautiful thing on God’s Earth is the beauty in diversity in
people, nature, cultures, religions and landscapes. All religions were written
by man and God never gave anyone like minds. The religious right is a large
group of narrow minded Americans that can’t see the forest because of the trees
that God planted there. As an example they want us to believe their President
George W Bush that destroyed as many as a million lives in Iraq (thousands of
them our own loved ones), our economy and our reputation is more a Christian
than President Obama that opposed that war.
Throughout history tyrants such as Rupert Murdoch
of the rich and powerful and founder of Fox News, has used fear-mongering and narrow–minded
religious zealots to help them divide, conquer and oppress nation after nation
such as Iran. Why should I not believe that God inspired our Forefathers to write
our Constitution especially the separation of Church and State? I was hoping it
was an omen when our young people created a miracle by electing President Obama,
a Black Man to re-unite our Nation. That dream seems to be fading away but
still remains to be proven…it was not.

United we Stand, Divided we fall, was the motto of a True
American. The true facts of American history are what we need to start teaching
our children so they can use it to take our Nation back from the rich and

True American

True American

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