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President Obama's still 'evolving,' so no support for marriage equality at Thursday LGBT fundraiser

The Empire State is on the cusp of passing full marriage equality and the President is parachuting in to pull out cash from the gAyTM this week. It’s kind of hard to ignore what is happening in New York, but Team Obama will count on teh gayz who like access not to press him on the obvious civil rights matter in the state’s legislature.

Joe Sudbay:

How long will this evolution take, for Christ sakes? Obama is already behind the curve of public opinion, particularly with Democrats and those young voters he intends to motivate in 2012.

On Thursday, there’s a huge LGBT fundraiser for Obama in NYC. All the usual suspects are lining up to be seen and donate. Pam reported that Elizabeth Birch is organizing a “High Tea Party Express” from DC to NY. This is the crowd that really values access. I’d like to think that some of them will challenge the President on marriage. But, that won’t happen.

We need to start an “Evolve Already” campaign. And, all those donors need to ask Obama to evolve. Seriously. It’s for his own good.

See my post, “The Obama 2012 gAyTM sales pitch: ‘Just imagine what we’ll accomplish with 6 more years’” for more on the High Tea Party Express e-blast. It’s a jaw dropper, especially this little chart:

Via Towleroad, Obama strategist David Axelrod defends the President’s position on marriage:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Asks O’Donnell: “Is there something that could happen in the next 12 months that could publicly change what is Obama’s public position on marriage equality?”

Said Axelrod: “I’m not climbing into the PResident’s head here and telling you what he thinks vs what he says. I think he’s made very clear his view that gay and lesbian couples are entitled to their legal rights…I’m not going to project ahead and consider hypotheticals….

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Pam Spaulding