First and most important… Carlos Aparicio, a respected track coach in Phoenix, Arizona, was taken into custody at Phoenix ICE offices this afternoon. Aparicio had gone to the ICE office to request a deferment of his deportation order, which had required him to have left the country by last Friday. No doubt he is now a guest of either Sheriff Joe or the ICE prison contractor in the Phoenix area….

Here is a link to Aparicio’s story

Please call
John Morton 2027323000
Janet Napolitano 2022828495

Aparicio is not a Dreamer because of his age…however, Dreamers consider him one of their own… and this guy has done a lot of good for his adopted community…

They also consider him one of the first to fall…  There are others in line and there will be more.

Another DREAMER who is facing deportation is Julio Salgado, who is gay as well as undocumented...He states his case here

An article about Salgado

Obama is in big trouble with the Latin/Hispanic community… his record deportations of non-criminal undocumented immigrants has not gone unnoticed on Univision… and his excuse that he is bound to enforce the law as it is written is less than convincing when one looks at the number of bankster/fraudsters and friends of Scooter Libby and the Torture Crew that have gone unpunished…

If Obama thinks his little trip to Puerto Rico or a lot of smiles, pretty words and little/no action will motivate the Latino/Hispanic vote…he is in for a rude surprise…

Jorge Ramos is the most respected and watched journalist to the Latino community… Ramos is originally from Mexico and he is extremely aware of Obama’s unkept promises regarding immigration reform, the DREAMERS and the impact of the draconian ICE round-ups on families…

The DREAMERS need your help… please call….