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Under the category, you just can’t make this stuff up, I’d like to share a story.

We here in the “old Pueblo” are gearing up for a mayoral election this coming November 8th. In recent years the City of Tucson and Pima County have had way more than our ” normal” share of really stupid goings on. Most notably, at the height of the real estate bubble we created a special tax district to fund a renovation and general redevelopement of the long dying downtown sector of our city. The monies collected amounted to just short of  250 million dollars. Well, other than a couple of relatively small (albeit mismanaged and over-budget projects) the money kind of just went hasta la vista bye bye, without a whole lot much of anything to show for it. And pretty much everyone involved claiming that they had no idea where the money went.

One quarter of a billion dollars is a lot of money for a city like Tucson to pretty much just lose. The audit of the Rio Nuevo Tax District revealed a whole lot of stupid. In April the F.B.I. siezed documents and began an investigation. I’m not certain what exactly has come of that, I’ve sorta lost interest. The parade of stupid had become soooo long and it has taken soooo much time since the money disappeared. At the time, blogging locally, I took a lot of flak for saying things like ” its gotta be criminal negligence at the very least”, and was generally accused of sounding screechy. So with all this as background, you would think that the upcoming mayoral election would be a severely serious, very very serious affair. Of course, you would be wrong.

This past Thursday Jonathan Rothschild the Democratic Party mayoral candidate was in court, defending himself against a law suit that claimed he did not have the right to run for, or serve in public office…….because……he is a lawyer. Now, some of us might think such things, but few if any of us say them out loud. But bring a law suit? Choose your own lawyer joke and insert here (                           ). The person who brought the law suit…….a mayoral candidate himself……..is a gentleman by the name of Marshall Home………..who calls himself, among other things (like multi-billionaire; which as near as anybody can tell isn’t true), calls himself a sovereign citizen.  Which, near as we can tell….. is true. And kinda scary….. in a Jared Loughner kind of way. Nonetheless, I find myself conflicted here, and must admit to at least some sympathy for Marshall’s sentiments in bringing this law suit.  But unfortunately there was no basis in law upon which to stand in this matter. And according to a local blog, “Rum,Romanism, and Rebellion”;  as events in the courtroom began to go poorly for Marshall, he decided it would be a good idea to “double down” and so then told the judge that Mr. Rothschild was an agent of a foreign power…….wait for it…….the Queen of England. That’s right folks, Jonathan Rothschild On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Apparently the judge wasn’t having any of that either. Blogger “Tedski” goes on to comment that “There is actually nothing in city code or state law that allows for Rothschild to challenge Home on the basis that he is a chimichanga short of a lunch combo.”

On a more somber note, Hudson Communications just purchased local radio station KJLL “Tucson’s Jolt”. 1330 AM on your radio dial. At least it used to be. As you have probably already guessed, “Tucson’s Jolt” was our one and only lonely progressive talk radio format available locally. Maybe even in this whole bright neon red state, I’m not sure. The new ownership and management didn’t even bother with an attempt to make it look like anything other than what it was, not even a change of format. They simply drove off long time staff and radio personalities, drove down revenues by 66% in just weeks, and then just pulled the plug. Zzzzaaapp. Off the air. No more of that progressive nonsense roun’ here.

Chuck Aubrey, a “Jolt” employee of nearly 8 years, and host of a one hour Saturday conspiracy-theory show, commented about new station manager Dawn Avalon, “She obviously knows two things about the radio business, jack and shit, and jack left town,” said Aubrey.

Apparently the new station manager of “Tucson’s Jolt” was allegedly “sleeping” with the former station owner(now the executive vice-president of the firm in ownership), prompting a commenter at the Tucsonweekly.com media blog column who goes by the pseudonym Lamp5435tea to wax poetic, the last stanza of which, I would like to share.

 These people you abandoned,
And left out in the cold,
They’ll find themselves new jobs,
And they won’t miss the old,
But your grand reward, Stan,
Oh- it takes the cake,
For her pathetic mammaries,
Are not all that is fake,
Hang on to your wallet,
You miserable dolt,
Else you’ll lose all you own,
Not just the Jolt!!!

As you can tell, I finally figured out that hide the link with text thingy, which was just about drivin’ me to distraction; which led to this practice post. That’s all from my purview in Tucson for now. Hope yer havin’ a good Sunday. Stay Strong.

OT : If you have any interest in the GMO foods/Monsanto stuff I have been posting, Dr. Don Huber has agreed to an interview 10 days from now, and if you have any particular questions you would like submitted, let me know and I’ll do my best to get a response.

Robert Alexander Dumas

Robert Alexander Dumas